Friday, January 29, 2010

Long Beach, 21-24 January

My aunt Pamela and her friend Priscilla picked me up at the train station around 9:30pm, and we drove on many-laned freeways, highways, overpasses, bridges, and streets through LA and between Long Beach roads in order to get back home.

Pamela and I hadn't seen each other since I was a little girl; my dad and sister had been to visit her in recent years but this was my first opportunity. While I intended to stay for only one full day, bad weather (flash floods and a small tornado) cancelled trains and kept me seaside for four instead of heading to Tucson to visit Jenny. (Sorry, girl.)

We talked about family and friends, visited the beach and a small art museum (where I saw a Rickey sculpture), and laughed ourselves silly over furballs. I watched movies and ran in a park that edged the concrete-bound LA river.

It was a real treat to be able to stay with Pam for a decent length of time, and to meet her friends. Words can't do it justice!

[Pamela or Priscilla or Jan&David - I hope you found the blog! Call or write and let me know if you catch it. :-)]

I shoved off for another 47-hour train ride to NOLA, 'cross the desert and the swamps.

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